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Claim Me Cowbear

Curvy Bear B&B, Book 2
Lu par : Beth Roeg
Série : Curvy Bear B&B, Volume 2
Durée : 2 h et 43 min
Catégories : Anglais - Romance, Paranormal

Prix : 6,67 €

9,95 € / mois après 30 jours. Résiliable à tout moment.


Sasha has exactly one week to create an original ceramic sculpture for a rich art aficionado. If she doesn't come up with an amazing piece, she can kiss her business goodbye. Drowning in debt, she's on a mission to find a new creative idea. When she travels to the Curvy Bear Ranch Artist's Retreat, she never expects to meet a kindred spirit in sexy bear shifter Jack Brock. The ruggedly handsome metal sculpture artist is everything she ever wanted in a mate. Too bad she isn't looking for love.

Three years ago, Jack was the sole survivor of a horrific plane crash. Every morning he wakes up ready to jump headfirst into a new adventure. Putting down roots is completely out of the question. He's been given a second chance at life, and he wants to experience everything it has to offer. But when he meets Sasha, his bear won't let him ignore her curvy hips and stunning smile. But to fall in love would mean giving up his freedom, and he's not ready to make that sacrifice.

This is the second book in the paranormal bear romance series - Curvy Bear B&B. This is a standalone book with no cliffhangers. Love scenes are fully realized and at times include explicit language. Intended for listeners 18+.

©2016 Liv Brywood (P)2016 Liv Brywood

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Image de profile pour Malinda
  • Malinda
  • 06/07/2019

Very enjoyable story :)

4 stars

This was a very enjoyable story. I liked both Sasha and Jack and was happy to see them get together.

Sasha is a bear shifter and a sculpture that works with clay. Sasha lost her parents early and grew up in foster care. Because she's been alone most of her life, Sasha really wants a family...people who want and love her.

Jack is a bear shifter that is an artist that works with metals. Jack almost died 3 years ago in an airplane crash and before that he was an investment banker. After he survived, Jack left his job and regular life and traveled around the world, always looking for his next adventure.

Sasha and Jack both show up at the Curvy Bear B&B because there's an artist retreat going on. Sasha has lost her muse and is having major issues finding inspiration for a new sculpture ordered by her main patron. If she can't produce something her patron likes, Sasha might have to give up her sculpting and get a normal job to support herself. Because of her desperate need for a new piece, Sasha has every intention of ignoring the strong attraction to Jack but he makes that hard. They do end up spending time together and the fun they have does inspire Sasha. Unfortunately, Jack is determined to live his life of adventure and not be tied down so even when they do take the plunge into a relationship, he makes it clear he's not going to stay. Thankfully, Jack eventually realizes he's full of crap and the story does end with him and Sasha solidly together and heading for a HEA.

This was a very enjoyable story. I liked Sasha a lot and wanted to see her find love. Jack was a good guy but his determination to not be tied down was a bit of a downer until he got past it. I can understand it to a point because of his past but did he think he'd never meet him mate? Regardless, I liked both the characters and story very much so I'd recommend it. :D

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Image de profile pour Pam louis
  • Pam louis
  • 14/04/2017

Super fun a must for shifter fans!

Claim me Cowbear By Liv brywood
This takes place at the Curvy Bear B&B
Sasha is a werebear artist who deals with clay but she is got a creative block and needs a piece done and in its owner's hands at the end of a week or she losses her business and give up her art.
Jack loves new experiences and working with metal. After he almost dies in a plane crash he spends his days travelling but his bear wants his mate Sasha. Can he settle down and have true love?
Very touching and sweet. I really love story. The characters are wonderfully writen and you can't help but fall for them quickly. If you want some shifter romance this is your book.

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    5 out of 5 stars
Image de profile pour Racycarr
  • Racycarr
  • 08/03/2017

Awesome Story

This was a great story and I just love this series.

I loved Sasha. She was this bear shifter that was an artist. I have to say one of the hardest things for an artist would be to loose their creativity. To have no ideas come to you. To be in a funk. This would be even more hard if this was your livelihood. This is what happen to Sasha.

Jack was also a bear shifter. He had a very creative side as well. Unlike Sasha who used clay for her art, Jack used metal. His bear loved to create things through fire. Jack was a free spirt. He loved to roam from one place to the other. He was a love them and leave them type of guy. One thing about Jack though he was missing something and just did not know what it was until he met Sasha. Jack had a lot of heart from his past. Sorry you will need to read the book to find out about Jack’s pain. But this pain could have something to do with why he did not settle down.

I love the heat that was between Sasha and Jack. Jack was Sasha’s inspiration and Sasha was Jack’s healer. Yeah, I said she was the things that was needed to start healing Jack. It is amazing what love from a fated mate could provide. Sasha was uptight and always overthinking things and I loved how Jack helped her to relax and have a little fun in her life. These two really complemented each other.

I always find it funny how shifters seem to ignore their animal. Anytime the animal within finds their mate and lets their human know it is like the human wants to ignore them.

This was a great story and so glad I got a chance to read it. I bought the audio with this book and used whispersyn. The narrator did a wonderful job.