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Accidental Raider

A LitRPG Swashbuckler (Accidental Champion Trilogy, Book 2)
Lu par : Stacy Gonzalez
Durée : 9 h et 35 min
Prix : 17,91 €
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Pirate raiders, a threatened heir, and a high-seas LitRPG swashbuckler.

Cari Dix is tired of playing by the rules. Let everyone else race to rescue the fate of an empire. She chooses a return to the high seas and her raider ship, the Vengeance.

Then, Cari discovers a secret that could change the world and once again save the heir to the Crystal Throne. The chase is on for Raider Captain Cari Dix. Her parents, Hal and Mona, follow along behind, trying to catch up to their daughter, lost in the game of Fantasma.

Come along for audiobook two in this real-life swashbuckling romp of a lifetime, returning to the Gamelit world of Fantasma once again. Play along with Cari as she once again fights to save the last of the empire's heirs in this pirate role-playing adventure.

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  • Ray Johnson
  • 19/11/2018

Accidentally loving this story more and more

I have to say that I am loving the direction this series is taking more and more. If I’m honest with you I would say that there is no way in hades that I would have ever thought that I would enjoy a story set aboard a ship. Hell, when I was a kid I loved Captains Courageous, the voyages of Sinbad, and any Eroll Flynn flick in which he buckled a swash or hoisted a mainsail. Reading about them is an entirely different matter. For example, Red Seas Under Red Skies, by Scott Lynch in the Gentleman Bastards series was a snorefest at its best, and the reader was forced to endure them learning how to man a ship from the ground up.

Here we get Kari Dix already performing as a captain well-seasoned, with a crew willing to go to hell and back just to bring her a comfy chair to sit on if she so desired. The gameplay works really well, especially when Kari has to do some serious sailing through some impossible waters. The gaming elements come in pretty strong and work. I loved her aiming a cannon as much as sailing the ship. It all worked. One thing I wanted to bring up in the last book was the way in which Davis weaves in his tributes to the Princess Bride. One of my favorite movies. I actually forgot to mention it in my last review, but with William Goldman dying as of the time of this recording I don’t see how I can’t not mention it double negative and all. So, he references a lot of princess bride stuff.

Kidding, I completely respect that he runs close to it, but doesn’t beat you over the head with it stuff, such as Kari being known as the Dread Raider Kari. It really meant a lot to me as a fan of Goldman and the Bride. SO thank you, Jamie for sharing your love for something without clubbing us over the head with it. Another thing that I was happy to see was the return of Hal and Mona, however I almost with the upgrade would have forced them to have to take on new classes (Mona would make a great Paladin), but it was nice to see Hal reunite with his old friend and he and his wife start searching for their daughter. The book is really fun, and I am going to give some credit to Davis once again; he has no issue killing people in this book. A boatload of people literally die at some point, no pun intended. It is good to see that not everyone survives deadly encounters.

Last time around I was carping about how I was upset Scarlato hadn’t been brought back to continue the series, but felt that Stacy Gonzalez had done a decent enough job. I stand by that assessment. She does ok, but I did have some issues with the way she read some sentences, and her overall level of emotional range seemed to remain level. I don’t get a lot of emotional heat or sadness from her, and there were certainly times that there should have been more emotionally charged dialogue or a faster pace employed as the story carried on. Again, decent job, just not overwhelming.

Final score 8.2 stars. This was a very fun romp and I am excited to see where the story leads.

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  • Jonathan Foster
  • 08/03/2019

the amazing hillbilly sultans

I enjoyed this book and its a great continuation of this world.
I was however caught off guard by one aspect of the narration.
They meet so people who are the antagonists called the sultinates.
The are described as being a dessert people, with flowing highly colored clothes.
The fight with scimitars and have pointy shoes and are very misogynistic evil.
But when the narrator starts with the sultans speech they sound like southern hillbilly rednecks.
This caught me so off guard it took me out of the story for a bit. I wonder what the thought process was behind this choice, or was it even a choice? Anyway it was a good book with good narration.

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    5 out of 5 stars
  • Anton
  • 03/02/2019

Mind blowing

It was a great scifi story from begining to end just outstanding. I'm looking forward to seeing what happen in the next audio book in the series.

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    3 out of 5 stars
  • Justin
  • 21/10/2018


I struggled to care about me this time around. The narrator put me off as well. Sounded force not much difference from excited to sad to fear in her tones.