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Assassin's Blade Description

Renowned for his flawless kills, the Swordsman is one of the most lethal mages on Earth.

His reputation for subtlety allows him to command a high price - despite his singular rule. He does not kill innocents. Recently, his employer has been a secretive group known as the Harbingers, whose latest target is not who he seems. Known only as Hawk, the man proves to be an elusive quarry. When stalking his haunts fails the Swordsman baits a trap and settles in to wait. But this prey is also a predator, one who knows a disturbing truth. If the Swordsman believes it, his rage will see no bounds. No mage or man will deprive him of retribution, for when you betray the Swordsman, you invite his blade. 

Assassin's Blade is a short story in the riveting Chronicles of Lumineia series. It precedes the events in The Last Oracle.

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