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Daniel's Christmas: Night Stalkers Description

Once again, the U.S. Army's secret helicopter regiment takes flight; the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, better known as "The Night Stalkers".

Christmas comes for the Night Stalkers. Two hearts flying into harm's way.

Name: Dr. Alice Thompson Job: Senior CIA Analyst Mission: to create the path from data to detente Name: Daniel Darlington III Job: White House Chief of Staff Mission: to make the world a safer place.

Two brilliant minds. An advent calendar. One impossible assignment. Dr. Alice Thompson discovers a covert strategy to create diplomacy with the most reclusive nation on the planet. She needs all the help she can get.

Daniel survived flying with the night stalkers in the night is mine. Alice's discovery again launches him into dark and dangerous skies. But on this flight both his life and his heart are at risk.

©2012 Matthew Lieber Buchman (P)2013 Matthew Lieber Buchman
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