Good Girl Torn

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Good Girl Torn 1 Description

Trapped in cupid's web, Erika fought to shed no more tears over another failed relationship. She wanted more.

Grieving over his own heartbroken issues, David held grudges, and was content with keeping women away from his heart. He desired less.

Now, as time provided new opportunities in Erika and David lives, they crossed paths and embraced the desires to trust again. Love became the challenged, but lingering in the shadows, a young white female had a different agenda. She wanted the man.

Frustrated, and unwilling to accept the challenge of letting the best female win, Erika vanished, and the drama began. She had enough.

Like they say, Hell has no fury like a woman scorned!!!

©2015 Jameel Shabazz (P)2015 Jameel Shabazz
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