Dinosaur Warlord

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Dinosaur Warlord Description

Epic adventures, sexy ladies, and awesome dinosaurs! 

Nate is the hardworking CEO of SouthernCool, an AC company in Florida. After years of toiling to get rich, he finally takes a well-deserved vacation to Australia. A chance encounter ties him to a gorgeous gal named Senna. Right as things between the two are heating up on the Great Barrier Reef, pesky aliens intervene.

Humanity is doomed, they tell him, destined to become extinct in the not-too-distant future. Nate and Senna are forced to compete for a spot on a human preserve. The competition turns out to be similar to a Real Time Strategy (RTS) 4x game. That means, in order to score points, you have to eXpand your empire, eXterminate your foes, and eXplore and eXploit your environment.

Warning: contains nontraditional relationships, adult interactions that would steam up the windows of an old pickup truck, and violent action. Listeners 18+ recommended.

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