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The Sage McGuire Romance Series Description

If you like Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, you’ll love The Sage McGuire Romance Series. It's a hilarious, entertaining, and romantic romp. 

Four books in one volume!

Chase Me: Sage McGuire had a great job she loved. All that changed in the blink of an eye when her long-time boss, Mr. Smithfield, had an accident involving an over-sized rubber band. When Mr. Smithfield's semi-worthless son, Daniel, takes over Smithfield Laboratories, Sage figures it's time to turn her childhood dream of being a PI into reality. 

After a night of unadulterated, mind-blowing sex Sage mistakes Sergeant Carter Morgan of the Portland Police Department for a serial killer and runs for the hills, but his sexy pine-cone scent and black leather pants have her coming back for more. 

Sage's wild spirit, crazy red hair, and quirky sense of humor take Carter for the ride of his life and he's more than willing to stick around and see what kind of trouble Sage can get herself into next. 

Kiss Me: Sage has left the security of her old job, as an executive assistant to a moron, and jumped feet-first into opening McGuire Investigations. If only her boyfriend Sergeant Carter Morgan's big gun and cop's intuition could save Sage from being grazed by a bullet to the temple, and another trip to the emergency room when she steals back her best friend's uncle's pooch, Mimi, from a psychotic loan shark in her very first case. 

Carter's scary and conniving ex-girlfriend, FBI Special Agent Mia Williams, is back in town and full of trouble. Mia is determined to rekindle her relationship with Carter and she is used to getting what she wants - no matter what the cost. 

Will Sage and Carter succeed in keeping each other out of trouble while falling head-over-heels in love? 

Love Me: Bad-ass Sergeant Carter Morgan of the Portland Police Department takes risks for a living - but he'd never risked his heart before. From the first flirty look Sage flashes, he is hooked and it's been a roller-coaster ride ever since. 

Mr. Smithfield, Sage’s old boss, appears in her dreams asking for help to avenge his death. Knowing full well it could lead to another trip to the emergency room, Sage agrees to help. 

Rescue Me: Quirky private investigator Sage McGuire has her self-defense skills down pat, but still needs rescuing from a vicious lobster.

In addition to frightening crustaceans, she has a secret admirer known only as Smiley Emoji, a major and confusing case, and a purse-snatcher she has to go mano-a-mano with. 

Sage is obsessed with her lack of cooking skills. When she flunks a cooking class, she is still determined to fix Carter Morgan, her sexy-as-hell boyfriend, a gourmet meal he will never forget.

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