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    "The Doctor Will See You Shortly...." 

    Are the first words that she hears upon waking in a hospital, chained to the bed. 

    Psychopath Oliver Perritt abducted five women, fulfilling his perverse need for the perfect specimens. 

    Avery Hansen is now one of them. 

    Locked away in a sterile medical facility horrifies her, as women begin to disappear only to be replaced by new ones, the others never seen again? 

    Doctor Perritt has plans for these women. 

    Terrible plans. 

    But Avery has a plan of her own, one that doesn’t include going missing like all the other women before her. 

    What Avery doesn’t know is that once you enter this hospital of horrors you can never leave.... 

    This is an Oliver Perritt thriller.

    ©2020 Erica R Stinson (P)2020 Erica R Stinson

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    Image de profile pour Jstarks3091
    • Jstarks3091
    • 10/01/2021

    Great Physological, Thriller with A Twist

    Oliver grew up in an Orphanage being passed over by numerous couples, choosing other children, for adoption instead on him. He couldn't understand why unless it was because the missing left arm and hand below his elbow. He had been born that way. His parents were advised it was best to place him there because they were very poor and couldn't be saddled with a child needing much attention as he would. The state had bought an old Victorian building and after a small amount of renovation it was opened as an Orphanage, ran by a vicious Social Worker, Ida Hagerty. She hated Oliver, mistreated him, torture was quiet frequently, locked him in a dark basement room having rats which terrified him, but not before he always received a thrashing with her black cane with a Wolf's head, for many years. One day she approached him, very angry, as she raised her black cane high up with the familiar Wolf's head on the end as she had for many years in the past, he knew what was in store, even though he didn't know what he had done this time. He decided right then it was now or never and he sprang into action putting his long awaited plan to escape into action. Oliver knocked her down, grabbed the cane and thought now he was in control. He was ready for his escape, which was successful, but not before he took his revenge Miss Ida with her cane. He left her on the floor crying as he continued his escape plan,. Oliver learned later after his escape that he was in for a supprise he didn't expect.

    Josh and his girlfriend Avrey were living in a apartment in New York. They had a heated argument and he left in a rage that day. They had argued ,Avrey wanted to get married and have children which she has mentioned many times, but he didn't. Josh was satisfied as things were and wanted it to remain that way.

    She told her best friend at workforce fight. Aaron convince her to go to a bar after work to relax and forget about Josh for awhile. She said she heard of a nice place, Wild Bills Bar And Grill. Avrey took her up on the idea even thought she just wanted to stay home by the phone that might in case Josh called. After Josh cooled off and returned home, but he saw no Averey. After calling her best friend, Aaron who said she just disappeared from the Restaurant and he saw no evidence of of the apartment being lived in for days, so he reported her a missing person.

    Avrey realized she had found herself bitting off more than she could chew visiting that Bar and Restaurant. Now she had to fight for her life..

    This is a spine chilling Thriller which I really enjoyed. I listened to it on Audible. I must add, the ending takes a turn I didn't see comming. The Narrator J. Bruce Cadell Is a excellent Narrator. This is my first book by, Erica R. Stensen and this Narrator, but I put them on my favorites list and will be looking for more Audio Books written by this Aurthor. This story is filled with many twist and turns to keep you on your toes. I recommend this book to all teens and adults.