The Mindfulness and Meditation Summit

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The Mindfulness and Meditation Summit: Volume 1 Description

Six acclaimed meditation teachers and visionaries show us how to transform ourselves, our communities, and the world.

If we want to make positive outward changes in the world, we need to start making changes in our inner lives as well. It's a truth that more and more of us are realizing.

But where to begin? According to thought leaders and neuroscientists across the globe, there's no better place than with mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness is a "baseline" of awareness and nonresistance available in any situation. And through mindfulness meditation, we can rewire our neural pathways to better manage our emotions, amplify attention, make wiser decisions, and improve our relationships.

What does this have to do with changing the world?

If we're full of fear or anger or experiencing "burnout", we can't be fully effective in helping others. But with mindfulness and compassion on your side:

  • You lay a foundation of calm.
  • You amplify compassion for others and yourself.
  • You gain insight into "unsolvable" problems, both personal and social.
  • You begin to experience who you are as part of a greater, interconnected whole.

All of these shifts then create a ripple effect that affects your family, friends, workplace, and community.

Join us for Mindfulness and Meditation: Volume 1 to learn with these inspiring presenters:

Jack Kornfield, PhD, on "Mindfulness as Loving Awareness"

Bonus meditation: “Connect with Loving Awareness and Compassion Through the Body"

Alice Walker on "Meditation as a Doorway to Joy and Liberation"

Elisha Goldstein, PhD, on the path "Toward Sustainable Happiness"

Bonus meditation: "Relax Your Nervous System"

Richie Davidson, PhD, on "Meditation and the Science of Altered Traits"

Ruth King on becoming "Mindful of Race"

Krishna Das - "Keep Singing: Chanting as a Meditative Path"

Bonus practice: "Mantras for Arriving in the Moment"

Note: This program is a compilation of presentations that were originally offered via the internet, so some sound inconsistencies may be present. These talks were presented at the Mindfulness and Meditation Summit, hosted in 2018 by Sounds True, and may be listened to in any sequence. 

PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

©2019 Jack Kornfield, PhD, Alice Walker, Elisha Goldstein, Ruth king, Richard Davidson, and Krishna Das (P)2019 Sounds True
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