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A Beginner's Guide to the Best Investments in Stocks Description

Wall Street has brainwashed both of us.... It's brainwashed you into thinking that you need to beat the stock market to achieve your financial goals. Is it a coincidence that to do this, you need to pay for advice and brokerage fees from those same Wall Street firms?

Wall Street has also brainwashed investment analysts like me. We're made to believe that everyone needs our advice and that advice needs to be a complicated investing strategy of timing and trading.

It was only when I got off Wall Street and onto main street that I realized the truth. Spend enough time with real investors and you realize they just want a simple investing strategy that will help reach their financial goals. They want it laid out in a way that's easy to follow, and they don't want to lose sleep every night worrying about their money.

That's what this book is about!

This book is the first in a series of four, outlining a step-by-step process for a simple investing strategy. This book will get you started in what investing is really about and how to build an investing plan that's right for your goals.

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