Immortal Confessions

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Dark Duet Description

Ashara Konrad, rock music photojournalist and vampire, has a secret. One she hasn’t spoken of in over a century. 

Now, that secret has come back from the grave, hell-bent on destroying the most promising musicians of the age in service to an old voodoo curse.

If Ashara hadn’t seen her vampire twin, Zariaz, dismembered and scattered after going on a killing spree, targeting musicians a century earlier, she would think Zariaz was behind the slaughter, looking to fulfill her 1000-musician curse. 

But it takes more than dismemberment to keep a bad vampire down. And this time, Zariaz is looking for revenge against the twin who betrayed her and the musician she's in love with. 

Will Ashara be able to keep her new love safe from her deadliest secret? Or will he become the latest musician to feed Zariaz's curse? 

Dark Duet is a haunting and lyrical vampire romance, set in the music world, during the Age of Aquarius. The author, Staci Layne Wilson, is the daughter of a rock star and pin-up model. Her own travels and upbringing in the music world help weave a rich tapestry for this series.

©2019 Third Street Press (P)2021 Staci Layne Wilson
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