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Welcome to the fairy-tale town where people come to get married - and get caught up in its family tensions and dramatic love stories.

Once upon a time, a father of seven girls created a fairy tale to sell as his town’s history. Since then, Happily Inc. has been a romance magnet. For years, all kinds of people have been travelling to Happily Inc. to get married. Now, the descendants of the man who created the legend - 15 grandchildren and one great-grandchild - are looking for their own love stories. And three of them are about to collide with a trio of artistic brothers moving down from Fool’s Gold in the north. Will the Mitchell brothers be able to avoid becoming like their brash, temperamental, and self-absorbed father? Will the potential partners be able to move beyond the disappointments and heartbreaks of their pasts? Only time (and love) will tell.

Romance and drama swirl to life in the amazing performance by Tanya Eby. From the first word to the last, imagine how the two lovers in each novel feel as they push towards their own happily ever after. Eby’s warm tone is perfect for curling up to, and her distinct voices make it easy to know who’s talking at each moment.

Author Susan Mallery follows up her Fool’s Gold series with more stories featuring the Mitchell brothers. Along with the characters of Fool’s Gold, Happily Inc. was inspired by Mallery’s love of Disney movies and fairy tales. She has loved reading romance stories since she was 13 and wrote her first romance after taking a class at an adult education center during college. She now has more than a hundred romance novels to her name, including several New York Times and USA Today best sellers, and specializes in stories about the relationships that define women's lives—romance, friendship, family.

You Say It First, the first book in the Happily Inc. series, reached the top 20 in contemporary fiction in the Kindle Store, while the second, Second Chance Girl, was an RT Book Reviews top pick described as “a truly unforgettable read!”.

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