Witch Song

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Witch Song, Books 1-3 + Bonus Novella Description

First kisses. Daring adventures. Centuries of secrets....

The witches have been driven into hiding.

Without their magical songs, the seasons are breaking apart and the boundaries of nature have splintered.

With only their guardians to protect them, two witches must stand between the world and utter destruction. One must pave the way, the other must take up the fight, and both face an impossible and deadly choice.

A choice that will cost them everything.

The Witch Song Series tells the story of two witches and the men who love them as they race to uncover the secrets that could destroy them all. If you love the unique magic, sweet romance, and dangerous secrets found in books like Serpent & Dove and Caraval, get ready to dive into the whirlwind adventure that is Witch Song. Order your copy today! 

©2014 Amber Argyle (P)2016 Amber Argyle
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