Too Many Rules

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Certain Rules (Too Many Rules, Book 1) Description

There are certain unwritten rules in high school. High on the list, close to the top, is one that says. "Thou shalt not have sex with your best friend's girl." A simple rule, understood by all. Danny Carrs totally ignored it.

Another rule even higher on the list says: "Thou shalt not beat the crap out of the star quarterback two days before the play-off game." I sort of ignored that one. I figured it made us even. Needless to say, the jerks at school didn't see it my way.

Scott James ruined his future when he punched his best friend Danny, Losing any chance at the college scholarship he desperately wanted. Ostracized by his fellow students. Only outsider Katie Rivers braves social suicide to interact with him.

Katie Rivers prefers being on the outside of things. It's safer out there. Because of a shameful past, she desperately needs to remain invisible. Having spent years perfecting the art of blending into the background, she throws it all away to warn Scott that he will be attacked.

These two must overcomes their pasts to find how to trust each other.

©2014 G.L. Snodgrass (P)2015 G.L. Snodgrass
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