The Lucid

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The Lucid - Season One: The Beginning Description

For fans of zombie fiction (who are tired of The Walking Dead) and fans of the Divergent, Hunger Games, and Maze Runner series who want a more grown-up story.

From the authors who brought you the best-selling Citadel series and action-packed suspense thrillers...

Adam Bolland, a manager at the Colorado Springs municipal water treatment facility, is only trying to enjoy his career, family, and life.

But when things start changing around him, he isn't sure what's going on. His wife and kids aren't acting...normal. When he looks into it more, he realizes the problem is larger than that. His coworkers, friends, and everyone seem to be acting strange.

So he decides to take matters into his own hands and steals some vials of a mysterious chemical from his company, embarking on a mad escape from the police, placing himself and his family in danger.

But he must find out: What exactly is in the water?

©2014 Nick Thacker and Kevin Tumlinson (P)2015 Nick Thacker and Kevin Tumlinson
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