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Judgment Call Description

Andy Gibbons had been sentenced to life in prison for a crime he didn't commit. After 10 years inside, he had abandoned all hope, and resigned himself to the fact that he would remain there for the rest of his life.

But the fact that Andy has admitted defeat and thrown in the towel didn't mean his wife, Jamie, did.

Disillusioned and worn out by the justice system, the Honorable Judge Regan St. Clair was just about to pack in, too, when a letter from Jamie Gibbons arrived on her desk.

Before long Regan St. Clair and Jake Westley, a former Special Forces operator, stumble into a quagmire world of deceit and menace. A world where nothing is as it seems, and no one and nothing can be trusted.

Is Andy Gibbons really innocent? Can he be exonerated? At what price?

Judgment Call is a full-length audiobook, a crime suspense-thriller about a corrupt organization with a sinister agenda that exploits every weakness and every dark corner of the fallible justice system. This fast-paced suspense-thriller is the first audiobook in J C Ryan's Exonerated Series. Books in The Exonerated Series

  • Book 1 - Judgment Call
  • Book 2 - Damned if you do, Damned if you don't - June 2016
  • Book 3 - The Ends Justify the Means - September 2016

©2015 JC Ryan (P)2017 JC Ryan
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