The Destiny Series (Lynn)

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The men have scattered in search of their lost sister Iona while Jami is left to rest comfortably at the Keep with the women. Her twin sister is locked up in the dungeons below waiting for the prophecy to take her last breath. Jami, unable to idly sit and wait, devises a plan to solve all their problems. Releasing her twin Blair they head out on an adventure to trick the Fae King, save Iona, and make it home before Devlin finds out and catches up to her.

Jami is steadfast in her determination to save the only living relative she has, even if Blair had just tried to kill her days before. With the help of a raven, the Oracle, Green Jack, and her strong devoted Highland Warrior Jami sets out to banish the Fae King, save her sister, and the land of Faery.

©2016 Miranda Lynn (P)2017 Miranda Lynn
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