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Deceptions of War Description

Captain Sue Lee Ono, a code breaker for Army intelligence, is moving deeper into the world of espionage. Her language skills take her to Nazi-occupied Paris, where her assignment is to find and help liberate a Jewish scientist.

She needs to accomplish her mission before the Gestapo, with the help of the Vichy French, round up all the Jewish residents in Paris and ship them to Auschwitz to the gas chambers.

Her handler and new lover is Alex Mueller from the Army Counter Intelligence Command.

One of the legendary Ritchie Boys who specialize in methods of intelligence, counterintelligence, interrogation, investigation, psychological warfare, and killing.

D. M. Sorlie's second book in the Sue Lee Mystery series takes you on a fast-moving story.

Sue Lee is caught up in the timeline of World War Two, while trying to find the meaning of a cryptic message involving her beloved deceased Uncle Yoshi. She finds herself gathering more intriguing information as she travels on assignment to Hawaii, Australia, England, France, and The Rock of Gibraltar.

©2015 D.M. Sorlie (P)2016 D.M Sorlie
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