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Radio Hall Fame, Volume 1 Description

Boasting one of the largest arrays of guest stars ever featured on a single series, Radio Hall of Fame was one of the most distinguished - and expensive - radio shows of the 1940s. Designed to bring prestige to the then-fledgling Blue Network of the American Broadcasting Company, each week the editors of Variety, the Bible of show business, would select which singers, actors, performers, stage productions, and films were garnering the most critical praise and invite the stars to appear on this hour-long Sunday evening extravaganza. Featuring lushly arranged musical selections by Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra, the programs in this first volume, a six-hour collection, offer sparkling performances by many of the top names in show business. Chapters: #1 Host Tom Breneman; #2 Host Dick Powell; #3 Host Al Pearce; #4 Host George Jessel; #5 Host Bob Hope; #6 Host Ted Husing; and more.

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