My Hauntings

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Haunted by My Rock Chick Description

18+ Recommended

Musica was the hottest rock band around, that was until a tragic accident killed the lead singer Callie-Ann.

Tyler knew it was his fault and he held the guilt, held it tight. Callie-Ann was the love of Tyler's life and now, well now she was gone because of him.

Life was passing him by. The drinking helped to ease his painful world.

Passed out on the kitchen floor of his apartment he receives an unsuspected visitor.


She pulls him from his drunken state. She keeps him focused. He can tell no one of her haunting or she'll disappear forever that is the only rule. Can Tyler keep the secret forever? Can he let Callie-Ann wander through the in-between, or will he find the strength to set her free?

©2014 Amanda Kay (P)2014 Amanda Kay
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