Royally Wed

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I waitress at MadDog - a biker bar - to pay my uncle’s rent at assisted living. I work my ass off but when I pour a pitcher of margaritas on a loser harassing my BFF - I’m fired. I scour want-ads until I find one that doesn’t make me want to hurl.

"Personal Assistant Wanted: 20s. Fab people skills. Celebrities don’t intimidate you. If actress - you can never use this on your resume."

Sounds dicey as hell. I apply immediately.

Lady Lizzie Billingsley - who if you get drunk and squint could be my impeccably polished twin - is entering into a marriage of convenience with playboy Prince Cristoph, the heir to the throne of Fredonia. 

Lizzie doesn’t really want a PA...she's hiring me to impersonate her, keep Cristoph's wandering eye in check while she clears up a few loose ends. Did I mention the gig pays a fortune and includes a makeover?

What could possibly go wrong?

©2014 Pamela DuMond (P)2014 Pamela DuMond
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