Fat Vampire

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For Reginald Baskin, having to endure eternity as a super-sized vampire really bites.

Constantly shamed for being overweight, there’s nothing Reginald Baskin wants less than being frozen forever in his current body. However, when Reginald’s 2,000-year-old vampire coworker saves his life by turning him, that’s exactly what he gets. He’s stuck with figuring out how to live as a fat vampire. Reginald soon discovers that being undead doesn’t magic away the problems he’s been having. Though unable to run after fleeing prey and still suffering assaults from regular humans, he discovers he has rare powers. When the afterlife gives Reginald lemons, it’s time to make lemonade.

Funny and serious by turns, Joe Hempel is the perfect voice to carry Reginald’s story to your ears. His wry delivery of each ironic twist will have you smiling and laughing throughout. With his clear, easy-to-understand performance, Hempel builds the sardonic, comedic world of Fat Vampire into one you can easily believe.

Fat Vampire is Johnny B. Truant’s first single-author series, though he did collaborate with Sean Platt - who got him into being an author - on a science-fiction series before starting work on his horror comedy. He’s written many other works of fiction with Platt, ranging from dystopian fantasy to genre fusions, and under a variety of pen names. Fat Vampire’s success inspired Truant to create a spin-off series set in the 1920s and focusing on Maurice, the vampire who turned Reginald. Truant’s works have received raves and honors, including a nomination for the Audie Award for Science Fiction.

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