Emerald City

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Investigate Away Description

It was the case that ended his career...and broke his heart.

Not much happens in the city of Langley, especially in the dead of winter, and that’s precisely the way newly assigned Chief of Police Jagar Bowie prefers it.

For years, Jag served the city of Seattle as one of its finest homicide detectives. He solved more murders than anyone else in his department. But it was the one he hadn’t solved that ruined his career and still haunted his dreams. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t stop searching for the Trinket Killer.

And he can’t get Callie Dixon out of his heart.

When Callie Dixon returned to Seattle to finish her book about her time as a reporter covering the Trinket Killer, her own sister’s death, and the police officer who botched the case and stole her heart, she never expected history would repeat itself.

But that’s exactly what happened.

And now her life, and heart are on the line.

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