Dango Durango, The Bounty Hunter

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Dango and Weed Ride Again Description

Ride the trails with the true-to-life Wild West bounty hunter Dango Durango. He will take you into scrapes you didn't expect and thrill you while wondering who will come out alive. Breathtaking Western views will cause you to escape and go there with him and his horse, Twilight. Romantic interludes with Savannah will make you blush. Characters like Tumbleweed, known as Weed, and others such as the Braudan gang, Gus the Pawnee, Savannah and her sister Anna, Doc Sartini, Fred Miser, Ben Truman, Charlie Culbert, and Buckhorn Middy will cause you to sit on the edge of your seat, wondering what choices they will make and how things will turn out. A real pause resister as you finish one fast chapter and just have to go to the next.

©2017 David L. McAdams (P)2017 Outlaws Publishing LLC
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