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Connors Slate: Bounty Hunter Description

From the pen of best-selling Western writer Cliff Roberts

Slate is a one-man judge and jury, and if you're're dead!

Railroaded to prison for killing a man who had just killed his wife and child, Sheriff Connor Slate is remanded to prison for life. The man he killed was the territory's second most powerful man's son. After five years of hell, Slate is partially pardoned by the new governor and the new chief justice of the territory's court system. They understand that the jury and the sentence was rigged against Slate five years ago and are out to set it straight, but only if he'll help them hunt down the wanted men in the territory before the vote on statehood in five years takes place. They are so concerned with the lawlessness of the territory, they have given Connor Slate near immunity and nearly unlimited power to hunt down and kill those who are wanted or should be wanted, provided he can make a reasonable argument that the person he kills was an outlaw or a criminal.

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