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Blue-Collar Leadership Description

Finally, there is a book specifically created for the often overlooked and underdeveloped blue-collar workers on the front lines.

My passion is to help leaders and organizations invest in those on the front lines or to help you invest in yourself.

For the blue-collar workers I value so much: I've written the book I wish someone would have given me this book nearly 30 years ago when I started my career on the front lines. It would have changed my life then. It can change your life now.

Separate yourself from the crowd quickly by learning how to master the traits high-impact leaders value most. You will learn how to get noticed by the right people and how to get promoted for the right reasons. You will learn how to become recognized as a front-line leader worth following, and you don't need formal authority (position) because you will develop something better: moral authority (influence).

I've written this book specifically for the often overlooked great people with so much untapped potential on the front lines. If you're on the front lines it will help you better understand:

  • How to make an impact from where you are
  • How to be recognized for your abilities
  • How to position yourself well for promotions
  • How to increase your influence with your leaders and your teammates
  • How to be a better team player
  • How and why you should accept more responsibility
  • How to intentionally become more valuable to the company
  • How to become more valuable and successful as an individual
  • How to lead yourself well in order to create a better future for yourself

©2016 Mack Story (P)2016 Mack Story
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    • Leading Lean & Lean Teams (Blue-Collar Leadership Series, Book 3)
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