Adum's Kronicles

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This, the first book in the series, Adum’s Kronicles, is a historically based, theological fantasy, that follows Adum, Reyna, and Frederick, purveyors of the Truth, as they march through time planting seeds and notions into the minds of some of the most influential people to ever walk the Earth. 

However, this thought provoking adventure is really about the love, passion, and romance between one man, and one woman, whose love is so profoundly deep, it spans eons. 

The challenge of finding out who Adums’ hosts are, at any given time, provides an unparalleled thrill ride that leads them to the discovery of their real identities, revealed in Book 2, Shatter, that of the Christian super heroes known as, the "Triumvirate".

©2016, 2021 Edgar Lloyd (P)2021 Edgar Lloyd
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