A Divine Love Affair

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A Divine Love Affair Description

A Divine Love Affair is presented by Top-Shelf Bookz author Antonio N. Sherman, who is a seven-time published author of such books as Salvation: A Gift From God, The Last Escort, To Kill with a Kiss, Trust Not Thy Neighbor, Just Keepin It Real, and now A Divine Love Affair, in which he poses the question about a force that has shaped the world around us in so many ways that it has been recorded in history books since the beginning of time. Nations and kingdoms has fallen because the act of love. How can one faith stand against such a force? Could it even stand up against traditions? A Divine Love Affair takes two people who were not expecting to fine love on a fate-twisting path that neither could not help but to walk down being drawn together from different parts of the world and belief as well as upbringing. Does love have boundaries? Is love conditional? Is there such a thing as endless love?

©2014 Antonio N. Sherman (P)2017 Antonio N. Sherman
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