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  • Fanspert Episode 5- “Chaos is the law of humankind, Order was the dream of man”
    Feb 9 2023

    Trade Deadline day in the NBA. My Brother Josh comes on. Too much to talk about

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    42 min
  • A 14 year old teaches a 22 year old How to Baseball
    Aug 10 2022

    I have my first guests on the show here to talk about Baseball! Josh has no idea what baseball is. All he knows is, "hit the ball hard". My 14 year old brother attempts to help him find his team, learn a bit about the sport, and enjoy some good judgement of the Astros :)

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    49 min
  • Fanspert Episode 2(Even though it's my 3rd recording)
    Aug 4 2022

    Today we finally get back into the trade deadline for Baseball, why am I sick of Basketball and Kevin Durant?, and what's the finish line looking like for Tony Finau and others as the FedEx cup approaches?

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    30 min
  • Fanspert Episode 1
    Apr 18 2022

    Today we get down into the nitty gritty of MLB week 1, Masters Recap, and the NBA Playoff breakdown.

    We answer three questions.

    1. Who had the best start to baseball?

    2. What can we expect from Scottie Scheffler going forward?

    3. Who's winning their matchups, and ultimately, the NBA FINALs?

    Share with your friends who you like to debate sports with!

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    41 min
  • Fanspert Pilot
    Apr 4 2022

    The first attempt to ruffle my own feathers, and complain a bout sports :)

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    23 min