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Broken Hill High

Broken Hill High, Book 1
Série : Broken Hill High Series, Volume 1
Durée : 6 h et 26 min

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"Go live with Nate Ryder," they said. "Everything will be fine," they said.

Are they nuts?

Nate Ryder has been the bane of my existence for the past five years. He's made it his personal mission to make my life a living hell and now my parents expect me to go and live with the guy for the foreseeable future.

No thanks. I'd rather gouge out my eyes with a toothpick than live with him and his little brother, Jesse. Only problem is, they have my parents wrapped around their little fingers, thinking they're the good little boys they pretend to be.

But I know better, and so does the rest of Broken Hill High. Nate Ryder is not to be messed with. He's a bad boy through and through. A bully. A guy who doesn't care who he has to step on to get what he wants. He's the devil and he knows it.

Now that devil is my roommate.

I better hold on tight because this is going to be one bumpy ride. One where I can guarantee that I won't come out the same.

©2019 Sheridan Anne (P)2019 Tantor
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Image de profile pour Devine Maiden Reads
  • Devine Maiden Reads
  • 04/10/2019

Not gonna lie...

I'm an avid mystery/thriller/suspense reader. I literally read/listen to at least 4 books a week. Every now and then I like to switch it up and I fell in love with Tijan's Falcon Crest series among her other books and have seen this series out there but didn't think anything could hold a candle to FC. I am pleased to say, I was Wrong. Broke Hill is in some ways very similar to FC but in other ways so much more.
As an adult I don't often enjoy romance novels bc it's all about sex all the time and would rather read a YA novel and remember my days in high school and college and go back in time (mentally) and try and place faces to names and relive those "Glory days"
25yrs later this was the one book that actually made me feel like it was an accurate portrayal of what high school was becoming and now is like for my daughter today.
Gonna start on #2 now- if it's anything like the first, I think I may have found my "break thru" go-to author.

Kudos! I can be an EXTREMELY tough critic.

*I was not given anything in exchange for my review*

Hope this review helps. 💁🏼‍♀️🎤

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Image de profile pour Lisa
  • Lisa
  • 01/04/2020

Highschool DRAMA, BAD boyz & angst

This first book of the series has all the goodies you want in a highschool bully romance na/ya
Tora was childhood friends with brothers Nate & Jesse, until one day Nate turned on her around age 12 & she didn’t know why he became so cruel. Fast forward 5 yrs, now seniors in hs & the bro’s are cruel bullies to her. Both boys are infamous school bad boys, manwhores etc while taking time to make embarrass or shame Tora at every turn. Nate the oldest is the leader while younger bro Jesse is more flippant in his attitude towards her.
The story takes on from here when her parents leave country and she stays with them and their parents. There is the push and pull, angsty drama you expect and loved from series like Wicked Bay (la cotton), Bully (Penelope Ward), Paper Princess (Erin watt), or my fav Fallen Crest (Tijan) and let me not forget LJ Shen’s two generations of hot holes lol
Narration a solid four, story solid four and def worth my credit and I’m downloading the next book of series!
I’m always looking for something in this genre after falling in love with Fallen Crest series, and this one so far is a go!
For a darker series in this genre try these fav of mine; Elite Kings (Amo Jones) , Fear Me (bb Reid), Boys of Brayshaw (Meagan brandy)

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Image de profile pour Dawn Brandenburg
  • Dawn Brandenburg
  • 15/08/2019

A must have book for everyone!

Fall in love with Nate and Tora along with everyone else. Take a ride as they fall in love with twist and turns. Always a surprise with each chapter. The ending will keep you on your toes and wanting to know what happens next! BHH will never disappoint you and keep you coming back to read or listen over and over again!!

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Image de profile pour Heather Mendenhall
  • Heather Mendenhall
  • 28/07/2019

please don't write about sexual assault again

Please don't write about sexual assault again. You were down right demeaning and misleading and it makes me sick to think other YA will read this and believe what you wrote. Your description was vague. your character and those around her were Blaise about the entire incident. the only charter you wrote, that you seemed to write in reality, was the victims mother. Not one victim leaves a broom closet, cried a little and then states she's fine. Not one principle wonders over, asks what's wrong, yet doesn't talk to the victim alone. You let out every important feeling and experience with fluff, sex, and underage drinking. hooray for you for mentioning her bruised body. But only a person who either doesn't give a shit about assaults to females, or maybe sometime who threw it in the book because you ran out of ideas, would leave it the part where the victim had to be the hero for hours and days after an assault like this because you photographed, questioned and re-questioned over and over again. shame on you for being paid to continue to demean any part of assault and make it seem like it is not a big deal and everything is fine.

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