The Aldoran Chronicles

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The White Tower Description

Winner 2017 National IE Award for Fantasy  

Winner 2017 Readers Favorite for Epic Fantasy  

Winner 2017 Beverly Hills Awards for Fantasy  

Runner up 2017 Kindle Book Awards for Fantasy/SciFi 

Born with magic in a world where it's not only feared but outlawed, wielders are left with three, hide, or fight. 

Darkness stirs in the north. War is coming, the likes of which hasn't been seen since the time of the Khul Hordes. How will humanity fight back when those with the ability to do so are being exterminated? 

In the east, when the Black Watch arrive in the quiet town of Easthaven, Ty's family is forced to reveal a secret that threatens not only his life, but the lives of everyone around him, including Lyessa. But she has a secret of her own. 

In the south, armed with nothing but his sense of humor, Ferrin attempts the impossible and vows to escape his imprisonment within the White Tower. But he can't do it alone. 

And in the west, as the throne comes under attack and creatures of magic are once more being released, Ayrion is forced to use his twin blades to keep the kingdom from falling. 

When the world balances on the edge of a sword, even the most unlikely of heroes can make a difference...if they're willing to try. 

This is the first installment in the Aldoran Chronicles, a new epic fantasy saga filled with magic and monsters, sword and sorcery, heroes, villains, and those in between.  

©2016 Michael Wisehart (P)2017 Podium Publishing
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  • Volume 1 de la série

    • The White Tower

    • The Aldoran Chronicles, Book 1
    • De : Michael Wisehart
    • Lu par : Tim Gerard Reynolds
    • Durée : 25 h et 4 min
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    Magic is outlawed. Those caught wielding it are taken to the White Tower. They are never heard from again. After the chaos of the Wizard Wars a thousand years ago, the people turned their backs on magic. It was deemed evil. Those born with it will stop at nothing to remain hidden.

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