The Awakening

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Dark Matter Syndrome Description

For millennia, they have stared through the invisible force separating their world from ours, and grew hungry. Now, they've found a way through.

Darkness from their side swallows our skies, their diseases eat through our human bodies, leaving behind soulless husks... and worse. Only two things can save us: a mysterious power locked in a small chest covered with undecipherable glyphs, and the seven-year-old girl it chose as its protector.

A young Katie, trying to make sense of the grainy flashes from her past, escapes an organization determined to use her untapped special abilities to open a mysterious box she knows nothing about. With the Artifact in tow, she is hunted until rescued by a haunted, PTSD Vietnam vet Jonas Montgomery.

Surviving the Viet Cong and many battles with the unwelcome visitors, Jonas finds his inner demons even more difficult. His only purpose in life - protect and train the girl to master what lies within her.

The monsters plaguing our world increase. Jonas and Katie must take a stand, or the final chance to save Earth vanishes.

©2014 Michael K. Drummer (P)2014 Michael K. Drummer
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