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Split Decisions: A Southern Romantic-Suspense Novel Description

Split Decisions is the follow-up story to She Belongs to Me, a "what if" type of story that explores the questions we often ask ourselves about our life and the choices we've made. Get ready...this is not your normal romantic-suspense...this is romantic-suspense with a twist.

Sometimes, you want something so badly you are willing to abandon everything you've ever known - including yourself.

Eighteen years ago, Jaynee Monroe married the man of her dreams, became the mother of four, and fulfilled her career goals. About to turn 40, she senses something is missing from her idyllic life. While Googling her name in an attempt to find herself, she unearths something so impossible that she contemplates her own sanity. Seeking answers, she embarks on a journey to discover the truth, only to end up abducted by a deranged stranger who insists on calling her Caycee.

Caycee took the road less traveled. Rejecting a marriage proposal from the only decent man she'd ever known, she ventures to California to become famous. Eighteen years later, success has left her alone and miserable. Attempting to locate her lost love on Facebook, she discovers his infatuation with her. Not only does his presumed-dead wife have Caycee's uncommon middle name, it appears he has photoshopped her face over hers.

Never could Caycee and Jaynee have imagined decisions they made years earlier would threaten not only their lives, but also their loved ones. Caycee must now reunite with the southern gent she dismissed 18 years ago and convince him to accompany her to New York to locate his wife, the most important person in both their lives.

©2014 Carmen DeSousa (P)2015 Carmen DeSousa
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    • Split Decisions: A Southern Romantic-Suspense Novel

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