Silver Fox & the Western Hero

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Silver Fox & the Western Hero Description

Freedom at any cost...

Alex’s last clear memory was of racing into battle, on a desperate mission of mercy before waking up with a collar of steel about his neck, stripped of all weapons and armor, soon to be sold at auction. Never had Alex faced such steep hurdles to achieving his dreams. Never had he been more determined to make those dreams come true.

So marks the beginning of a perilous journey that would see Alex facing down vile slavers, corrupt merchants, ferocious spirit beasts, and bloodthirsty cultivators eager to see him fall.

No matter what it took, Alex was determined to reach Dragon Academy and learn the cultivator’s arts.

Because in a world where strength was everything, only the strong could truly be free.

Eager for a fast-paced Wuxia/LitRPG adventure filled with deadly adversaries, exotic adventures, and mighty cultivators fighting for the power to topple kingdoms? Then grab your copy today! 

©2020 M. H. Johnson (P)2020 M. H. Johnson
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