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Night Passage Description

After a busted marriage kicks his drinking problem into overdrive and the LAPD unceremoniously dumps him, 35-year-old Jesse Stone's future looks bleak. So he's shocked when a small Massachusetts town called Paradise recruits him as police chief. He can't help wondering if this job is a genuine chance to start over, the kind of offer he can't refuse.

Once on board, Jesse doesn't have to look for trouble in Paradise: It comes to him. For what is on the surface a quiet New England community quickly proves to be a crucible of political and moral corruption - replete with triple homicide, tight Boston mob ties, flamboyantly errant spouses, maddened militiamen, and a psychopath-about-town who has fixed his violent sights on the new lawman. Against all this, Jesse stands utterly alone, with no one to trust; even he and the woman he's seeing are like ships that pass in the night. He finds he must test his mettle and powers of command to emerge a local hero - or the deadest of dupes.

©1998 Robert B. Parker (P)1998 Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publishing, a division of Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc.
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  • Volume 1 de la série

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  • Volume 2 de la série

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  • Volume 3 de la série

    Couverture de Death in Paradise
    • Death in Paradise

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  • Volume 4 de la série

    Couverture de Stone Cold
    • Stone Cold

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  • Volume 5 de la série

    Couverture de Sea Change
    • Sea Change

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  • Volume 6 de la série

    Couverture de High Profile
    • High Profile

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  • Volume 7 de la série

    Couverture de Stranger in Paradise
    • Stranger in Paradise

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  • Volume 8 de la série

    Couverture de Night and Day
    • Night and Day

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  • Volume 9 de la série

    Couverture de Split Image
    • Split Image

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  • Volume 10 de la série

    Couverture de Killing the Blues
    • Killing the Blues

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