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Scotland Yard’s Inspector Thomas Lynley, an aristocrat, and the working-class Sergeant Barbara Havers clash their way through solving murders.

Inspector Thomas Lynley is a royal detective - an Earl, no less - steeped in tradition and protocol. To Sergeant Barbara Havers, who hails from working-class London and worked her way up the ranks, he is often a royal pain. At Scotland Yard, these unlikely partners rise above their differences (and simmering romantic tension) to tackle formidable cases. Rich in historical and literary details, Elizabeth George’s dark, twisting plots put this pair’s strengths to the test.

Accomplished narrator Davina Porter nails the accents, the setting, and the perfectly matched differences between Lynley and Havers. She masterfully handles a myriad of Scottish, Welsh, and English accents, as well as male and female voices - including the two distinctive lead detectives.

Elizabeth George’s work as an author has been honored with Anthony and Agatha Awards, the Grand Prix de la Littérature Policière, and the MIMI, Germany's prestigious prize for suspense fiction. Several titles in the Inspector Lynley series have been adapted for the program Mystery!

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