Gentlemen of Disrepute

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Unmasking the Duke's Mistress Description

Thinking of her young son, Arabella dons the mask of Miss Noir for her first night at Mrs Silver's House of Pleasures and smiles prettily at the next gentleman who enters....

Dominic Furneaux, Duke of Arlesford, is stunned to see that the woman who shattered his heart has fallen so low. He offers her a way out - by making her his mistress!

©2011 Margaret McPhee (P)2012 W F Howes Ltd
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  • Volume 0.5 de la série

    Couverture de How to Tempt a Viscount
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  • Volume 1 de la série

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  • Volume 2 de la série

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  • Volume 3 de la série

    Couverture de His Mask of Retribution
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  • Volume 4 de la série

    Couverture de Dicing with the Dangerous Lord
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  • Volume 5 de la série

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  • Volume 6 de la série

    Couverture de The Gentleman Rogue
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  • Volume 7 de la série

    Couverture de The Lost Gentleman
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