Diary of Mike the Roblox Noob

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Diary of Mike the Roblox Noob: Murder Mystery 2, Jailbreak, MeepCity, Complete Story Description

Discover Roblox World with Mike the Roblox Noob!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Roblox. As some of you may know, you can create your own world in Roblox and make it what you want it to be. With this book, you are going to step into the world that Mike has created.

Mike is very new on the server, and he does not understand the rules that are in this world. He falls prey to the murderer several times before he understands how to survive in the highly aggressive world that he is exposed to. You will see how hard Mike tries to make friends who can help him survive, only to be taken as if he is a murderer.

Mike, who has been wrongly charged with murder, is jailed in a prison server called Jailbreak. He has no idea of how prison life is, and he experiences a really hard time in his first few days in there. He tries to survive in prison, because riots happen almost all the time. Mike tries to escape numerous times, but things don't work out as he plans. As much as he fails, he tries to make allies who can help him escape from the jail. It's always best to make the most out of opportunities.

Mike discovers that he can start his life once again after escaping Prison Life. He starts life in Meep City, where he builds himself from the ground up. He becomes an active man in business, and everything seems possible after meeting his friends. He is able to go about his daily life and adopt a meep called Purple who makes his life more interesting than life in his previous server environments.

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