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Dark Wings Rising Description

Dark Wings Rising is a clean suspense thriller in which crows become heroes! 

After discovering dark secrets in an industrial compound, Sam Hanson and his wife and pastor receive unconventional help in at attempt to escape with their lives and expose these dark secrets to the world. Check out the novel to see what the crows are up to!

Set in the mountains of Virginia in the near future, Dark Wings Rising features a David and Goliath style tale in which three ordinary people find themselves risking their lives to do the right thing when all the odds are stacked against them. Packed with pause-resisting suspense, Dark Wings Rising keeps the thrills coming! 

We know that birds, particularly crows, are intelligent. You will never look at birds the same again after watching them at work during this suspenseful novel. Their cleverness will amaze you. Dark Wings Rising is a fast-paced, suspense-filled thriller that will keep you resisting pause. If you were intrigued by 1984 or enjoy a Clive Cussler tale, you will love Dark Wings Rising. Grab your copy today! 

Dwain Cassady holds degrees from Georgia Tech, Emory University, and Medical College of Georgia. He pastored for 28 years, now works as an occupational therapist, and hopes to one day decide what he wants to be when he grows up! Dwain lives in Gainesville, GA, with his wonderful wife and is the servant for his two cats. He enjoys hiking, woodworking, and writing.

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