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Survive the Fall Description

Can Kelsey honor her father and brother's memory by committing murder?

Kelsey had no military training, no fighting experience, but she had a drive to even the score. Every day, the weight of her father and brother's deaths wear another notch in her soul. She won't last if she doesn't act soon.

Flashbacks hit Adam hard, knocking him out of the Army, but he isn't done with revenge. The sexy siren who point blank asked for sex his first night in Wyoming now needs his help. He isn't sure how deep she is, but he knows something isn't on the level with her.

Adam was only supposed to be one night of mindless sex to help her forget, but he's the man she'd taking overseas to protect her while she goes in to kill the one terrorist who wrecked her family.

If you like Special Forces, you'll love Julia Bright's fast-paced series. Buy Survive the Fall, and get into the action and romance.

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