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Before Carter Diamond was a Miami drug lord, he grew up on the mean streets of Michigan, clawing his way to power. How did one man alone become the leader of a cartel?

Follow the story of this notorious gangster as he makes his way from a small-time nobody, rising through the ranks into a force that’s truly something to be reckoned with. A prequel to the best-selling The Cartel series, Carter Diamond gives you everything you ever wanted to know about the roots of Miami’s resident drug lord and crime kingpin.

Join Cary Hite as he brings the story of Carter Diamond to life. His rich voice adds another layer of depth and realism to an already gritty story. With his voice to guide you through the imaginative story, it’s easy to get into the mindset of Carter Diamond as he traverses the criminal world.

Ashley & JaQuavis are a married writing duo. Born in Flint, Michigan, Ashley Antoinette grew up with an innate street sense that provides inspiration for the darker side of the pair’s writing. Her experience with Michigan’s street life gives Carter Diamond a rich depth of detail. Carl Weber discovered Ashley & JaQuavis when they were young, launching them into a best-selling career, cemented with the smash-hit novel, The Cartel.

Several of Ashley & JaQuavis’s titles have hit the New York Times best sellers list. Urban Book Source has called their work, “[S]ome of the premiere titles that have led the way for this growing phenomenon of gritty tales”.

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