Age of the Undead

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Kill or Be Killed Description

Valerie is vulnerable but tough. With her handgun, courage, and wits, she survives the beginning of the zombie apocalypse during the mayhem in downtown Phoenix and escapes, only to join a motorcycle gang that she doesn't particularly trust. After a horde of zombies and a series of events, she decides, for a while, to vent on her own, until she joins another group of bikers that seems a bit more trustworthy.

Infected wildlife, difficult decisions, and teaming up with the right kind of people all become part of her journey until they reach a jail full of inmates who have been locked up and who beg them to release them. 

Once again, they are faced with a dilemma that will require them to follow their instincts.

This is the first book in a series of six dystopian zombie books.

©2019 Jake Winston (P)2020 Jake Winston
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