Nos trente ans : le spleen des millennials

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    • The New Yorker, April 8th 2019 (Nicola Twilley, Rachel Aviv, Steve Coll)

    • De : Nicola Twilly, Rachel Aviv, Steve Coll
    • Lu par : Jamie Renell
    • Durée : 1 h et 59 min
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    In this issue: "What’s the Story?" by Steve Coll: The Attorney General's summary reported no conspiracy, but serious newsrooms and journalists did the job they are supposed to do; "Mueller’s Magnum Opus" by Tyler Foggatt: Three publishers are racing to print the account of the Russia investigation, following in the footsteps of classic page-turners from the Warren Commission and Kenneth Starr; "Home Smog" by Nicola Twilley: When it comes to air pollution, indoors may be worse than out.

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