Nos trente ans : le spleen des millenials

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    • The New Yorker, November 21st 2016 (Amy Davidson, Toni Morrison, Jill Lepore)

    • De : Amy Davidson, Toni Morrison, Jill Lepore
    • Lu par : Dan Bernard, Christine Marshall
    • Durée : 2 h et 33 min
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    In this issue: "To Serve or Not to Serve" by Amy Davidson; "Aftermath": "A Democratic Opposition" by George Packer; "Health of the Nation" by Atul Gawande; "Bryant Park: A Memoir" by Hilary Mantel; "Four-Cornered Flyover" by Peter Hessler; "Mourning for Whiteness" by Toni Morrison; "The Dark-Money Cabinet" by Jane Mayer; "On Saying No" by Evan Osnos; "The Highest Court" by Jeffrey Toobin; "Donald Trump, Poet" by Mary Karr; "Wars Within" by Jill Lepore; "Dystopia" by Gary Shteyngart; "Radical Hope" by Junot Díaz; "Esmé in Neverland" by Jill Lepore; and "Predators" by Anthony Lane.

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