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    • Stand Firm, You Cads!

    • The Price of Oil 1
    • De : Jonathan Myerson
    • Lu par : Anna Maxwell Martin, Raad Rawi, Luke Treadaway
    • Durée : 57 min
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    Anglo-Persian Oil (later BP) was specially formed to exploit the 60-year oil concession to drill for oil, which was signed in 1901 by the then Shah of Persia. Prompted by Winston Churchill, the British Government bought 51% of the company's shares. Persian oil soon became Britain's "single largest overseas asset". But in 1951, newly-elected Prime Minister Mossadegh declared the concession "immoral", unilaterally cancelled it, and on 1st May successfully passed a law which nationalised Anglo-Persian - and all the oil. There are riots, demonstrations, and a blockade of shipping.

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