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    Enjoy listening to these historical romance titles that will take you away: Sky Birds Dare!, The Battling Pilot, The Dive Bomber, Twenty Fathoms Down & Arctic Wings.

    Sky Birds Dare: When it comes to gliders, ace pilot Breeze Callaghan is as smooth as they come. He perfects a skill that will prove vital for decades to come as demonstrated by Captain Sully Sullenberger, who famously landed his disabled passenger plane on the Hudson River. Vying for a Navy contract, Breeze is going up against a vulture named Badger O Dowell. But there's more than money at stake: There's his reputation, his life, and his love of a beautiful woman. And as for danger, the sky's the limit when Sky Birds Dare! The sky is calling, the wind is whipping, and the adventure takes wing as the audio version soars into action.

    The Battling Pilot: Pilot Pete England used to think there was nothing more exciting than flying off into the wild blue yonder. But lately it's been downright dull. Pete's hungry for adventure and he's about to get his fill . . . when a princess boards his plane. She's at the center of some international intrigue . . . and now a mysterious plane is on their tail, bent on shooting them out of the sky. But that's the least of Pete's concerns. There's more to this princess than meets the eye, and falling in love with her could turn out to be the greatest flight risk of all. Suspense, intrigue, mystery, romance they're all flying high as the audio version takes you on a rendezvous with love and war.

    The Dive Bomber: Lucky Martin is a daredevil of the skies. He's a trailblazer, and his latest invention could change the face of air warfare. But America s enemies will go to any length to get their hands on the plane from sabotage to kidnapping his fiance. Lucky will have to push his luck to the limit to save his plane, save his girl . . . and save his country. Fasten your seat-belt and hold on to your crash helmet as the audio version takes you on the high-flying ride of your life.

    Twenty Fathoms Down: As daring and defiant as journeying 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, there's no stopping diver Hawk Ridley as he takes the plunge into an ocean of untold riches and danger. Fighting off ruthless rivals in search of gold is nothing new to Hawk but fighting off a beautiful woman is a different story. Is she an innocent stowaway or a seductive saboteur? The answer comes Twenty Fathoms Down as Hawk makes a discovery that will blow you out of the water. Dive deep into the action and intrigue, as the audio version plunges you into an adventure as stirring as the sea itself.

    Arctic Wings: Spring has come to White Bear Landing and so has the law, in the hands of gruff, tough and good-looking Royal Mounted policeman Bob Dixon. More than once Dixon has meted out justice with hard fists and hot lead, but now the tables have turned. He's been set up as a murder suspect. Dixon s only hope is to let the trust of a good friend and the love of a good woman lead the way to true justice and redemption on Arctic Wings. Cold-blooded murder and warm-blooded romance come together as the audio version takes you on a suspense-filled flight into the north country.

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