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The Prince

Lu par : Michael Scott
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"The Prince" is a political treatise by Machiavelli that is not considered to be representative of the work published during his lifetime, but is the most remembered. The theories in this book describe methods that an aspiring prince can use to acquire the throne, or an existing prince can use to maintain his reign. These theories include defense and military, perceived reputation, generosity, cruelty versus mercy, gaining honors, fortune and a number of other discourses.

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  • GiBblet
  • 22/02/2019

Excellent reading

This audiobook is great and is the ticket if you are interested in "The Prince."

Insofar as the work itself, it is worth reading, within context of Machiavelli's personal failure to actualize anything he suggests and that it was written to curry court favor from a noble house of his time.

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  • Steff Doles
  • 14/02/2019

Not a philosophy, a resume...

I've always heard Machiavelli's work talked about like a personal philosophy that one can hold, or a kind of thinking that errs on the side of being nefarious... But this actual book is more like Niccolo Machiavelli I'm going to call him 'Nic', being like-

"Hey man, heard you just became the prince, cool cool... So um, I don't know if you know this but like I'm way qualified to be like, the hand of the king, like Tyrion Lannister style. I understand what's up and can totally help you... Just sayin'...Think about it ... Oh, here, let me tell you how well I understand the underlying dynamics of power in the past and present." I don't know why Nic sounds like a valley girl in my head but he does.

Also, I don't see the bad guy or nefarious aspect to him, I mean he basically says, don't be cruel, but it's better to keep your people safe by letting them think your big and scary than to be perceived as week in a way that could put them in jeopardy when someone who is a bad guy sees an easy target. Like its better to be disliked for keeping people safe than to be loved but unable to protect. Maybe I'm wrong but that's what I got out of this book.

It's a little dry but short and worth a read.

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