• Stories of Bon the Pokemon Sailor

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Stories of Bon the Pokemon Sailor

De : Dante
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  • Bon is an npc in my pokemon campaign that I made on the spot and he loves telling stories which I also improvise on the spot. My players enjoyed him so I decided to make it a podcast to see if others enjoy this just as much. This sailor has been through a lot and all of his stories are very much true in the world and is very much comedic in their own way.

    Bon discovered podcasting because someone told him about it and how he should try making his own podcast. So just because he decides to give it a shot finding the idea a good way to tell his stories. So now he tells the stories of his adventures with him and his brothers and their known as the "On Brothers."

    Copyright 2023 by Dante
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Bonne écoute !
    • Jan 11 2023

      Bon super tired today but wanted to make an episode and introduce a new friend. A little robot named Sean. They talk about a few things while also teaching Sean a few things. Also bon learned Ron is a really good archer.

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      32 min
    • Dec 13 2022

      So Bon and his brother John start talking about a few things while drinking some OJ. They end up talking about how Bon started driving boats and how he got his first boats as well all legally of course. John also shares a story about how they got a really rude costumer who in the process made their son feel very embarrased.

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      49 min
    • Nov 25 2022

      Enjoying some OJ with the brothers as Bon discovered Spotify And Jazz for the first time explaining how great it is. While ron tries to get threw this podcast while being slightly sick with a cough. We also delve into the story of a hero known as Diggersby who saved bon and the trainers he was with.

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      52 min

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