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5 Easy Steps to Run Faster, Stronger & Safer in the Least Amount of Time
Lu par : Anders Graham
Durée : 29 min
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You're about to learn the exact techniques to run faster, stronger, and safer in no time....

Running is the most simple, effective, affordable, and convenient form of exercise in the world. Once you finish this book, you will know why regular runners love to engage in it almost every day. It will challenge your body and mind, give you energy, and let you enjoy the great outdoors.

People all over the world run regularly for different reasons. Some want to lose weight. Others want to maintain their current fitness level. There are those who like to run because of how it makes them feel empowered. Professional athletes run because it strengthens specific muscles and boosts endurance.

What about you? What inspires you to run? If you are not sure of how to answer, this book will inspire you to start running and at the same time, help you hone your running skills properly and safely.

Here is a preview of what you will learn:

  • Step 1: How the ideal running style should be executed
  • Step 2: How to pick the right running gear, especially your running shoes
  • Step 3: How to create a training plan by choosing from a variety of running types
  • Step 4: How to hydrate and nourish your body properly
  • Step 5: How to prevent injuries that are common among runners
  • And plenty of other essential running strategies!

The five steps in this book are filled with information that will benefit you in the long run as you continue to improve your overall performance. The first step focuses on how the human body works while running as well as the ideal running style that should be followed. The second step concentrates on how you can choose the right shoes, clothes, and even gadgets that will help ensure comfort and enable you to run better as well as improve your running skills. The third step will guide you through designing a training plan that will be suitable for your goals, and it will also help you understand the different types of running that you can do. The fourth step is all about choosing the right foods and drinks that will fuel your body for optimal running performance. The final step will share with you injury prevention strategies that you need to know so that nothing can keep you from running regularly.

Another important factor to running regularly is to stay motivated. Going out on a regular run makes your lungs stronger and boosts your immune system. This makes it a great activity to help fight diseases such as heart problems, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

This book is written for everyone who has the desire to make running a part of their lifestyle. It is a great book for beginners because it will explain the basics as well as the specifics when it comes to improving your performance.

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Die meisten Hörbücher bei Audible bekommen bei mit viele Sterne. Dieses hier ist das Geld nicht wert.

Der Sprecher ist schlecht, es hallt und man hat das Gefühl er sitzt in einer Bahnhofsvorhalle.

Die Informationen die geboten werden sind eher banal und nebensächlich. Warmlaufen, nicht zu viel vorher essen,....

Es gibt auch hier bei Audible viel bessere Bücher über das Laufen, die zwar etwas mehr kosten, dafür aber auch richtig viele Informationen enthalten.