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Couverture de Keep It Sweet After 25 Years of Marriage

Keep It Sweet After 25 Years of Marriage

De : Omega Publishing House
Lu par : Paul Horton
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    If you've been married for over 25 years at the time that this book was published, it means you got married in the 90s, and as you know, marriage then and marriage now are quite different.

    According to the Survey Center on American lives, marriage in those days was welcomed until recent times. Many single people in America today view marriage as a burden and not something they would like to do. This drastic stretch would be due to the falling influence of religion and certain ancient cultural beliefs in America today. Religion used to be the number one motivation for marriage, and this influenced culture in the 90s. Religion today is not as impressive to many Americans, and many of the statues that it brought are being fought.

    Interfaith unions are becoming more common, and marriages between agnostics and atheists are also. As of 1972, about eight in 10 marriages were of the same faith in America. About three percent of the general, married population at that time was secular. Now, about 52 percent are faith-based marriages, and 16 percent of that population are secular.

    This means that you cannot find the same motivations for marriage as you had in those days. Marriage does entail a high level of commitment that many unions today lack. The rate of divorce in America has seen a rude shock this past year. It is suggested that millennials are now taking their time to not get married and may not last in marriages. Fifty percent of marriages in the US are predicted to fail, and that's because of certain things that have come to stay. In this book, these issues will be addressed, but beyond that, I want to focus on how to keep the ball rolling after 25 years of marriage.

    Because no matter how long a marriage takes, it can crash. Why wait 25 years for something to crash? I want to address what we can do to avoid that. I want to show you how to keep it sweet for that long. It's important that you keep it sweet.

    It's going to be very difficult to stay if you don't enjoy it. Humans always go away from sources of pain. If your marriage is a source of pain for you, no matter how long you endure it, it will end. If there was some marriage guardian somewhere, ensuring that people cannot break their marriage vows, then maybe you won't leave. But there isn't such a jinnee. This means it will be your decision and your choice. With the choices we have today, it is going to take more than a jinnee to keep you in that painful marriage. I don't advise staying in pain, either.

    Pain can alter you. Pain and experiences can change you into something you weren't. I once knew of a couple (names withheld). You could never tell that the man was capable of doing what he did to his wife. They were off to a good start, had one kid—a girl and were good. They were an example of marriage. When they were dating, there were no signs at all that he was violent, even with his friends and family. But everything went south when their daughter was left alone and burnt all of her right arms.

    He was away, and his wife was the only one at home. She was busy in the room on a call while their daughter was playing elsewhere. The wife claimed that she didn't know to leave the cooker on because they have this culture of always shutting the valve that allows gas into the cooker. She heard her daughter shrill in pain, dropped the call, and ran to a frantic child trying to quench the fire that she was engulfed in.

    She called the hospital, and the girl was rushed there. Luckily the child's face wasn't burnt, only her arm. When he got to hear about it, he arrived calmly and provided support as usual. Continue listening in the audiobook.

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